Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Prima Facie Motivations of women against feminism

I took a sample of N(=100) consecutive images (From Aug 2 to July 24) from, and categorized them. Here are the results.

Traditional conservatism:
Argues ONLY about damage done to women by feminism, such as:
"men will no longer open the door for me"
OR "that men no longer give compliments for dressing well"
OR "I cant be stay at home mom" and wishes for lady/gentleman roles

Rejection of Feminist Nastiness:
Disgusted by feminist censorship,
OR disgusted by feminist inability to debate (say, hammering with dictionary definition)
OR Sex-worker rights activists disgusted by feminism's Anti-prostitution work.
OR Rejects Victimhood/Oppression

Femininity/Masculinity-loving gender roles:
Argues that gender roles are fine, as long as both do their jobs, and no special treatment in general (wants equal child custody for men).
OR that men and women are equal, but different and that she likes men-in-charge and hates the man bashing.

Genuine Equality/Humanism oriented:
Rejects the privileges that feminism grants women, such as affirmative action.
OR Rejects the trashing of boys, men and misandry
OR Rejects Objectification and says she dresses for men or loves men.
OR Rejects Victimhood/Oppression and affirms agency and mentions equality for all.
OR says that 1st world is MORE THAN fine for women, women in 3rd world need help

Mens issues:
Mentions damage done to men, such as family courts or false allegations or Domestic Violence or Sexual abuse
OR mothers mentioning damage done to boys.
OR Mentions crimes of women.

Traditional conservatism: 6%
Feminist Movement Nastiness: 12%
Femininity/Masculinity-loving gender roles: 17%
Genuine Equality/Humanism oriented: 46%
Mens Issues: 19%

Details if you want to follow up:

Traditional conservatism:
(Total: 6)

Rejection of Feminist Nastiness:

Femininity/Masculinity-loving gender roles:
(Total: 17)

Genuine Equality/Humanism oriented:
(Total: 46)

Mens issues:
(Total: 19)

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